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Site Building Options

Wondering about today's website options? From Software to Contracting we have a quick overview right here.

CPanel What Now?

What is it? CPanel is industry leading hosting software. Control all your account features from one icon rich panel.

3 Huge COOL Advantages

  • 1. Account Security
  • 2. Integrity before Profit
  • 3. No Pricing Tricks
COOLCOM Premium Web Services employs double firewall access, meaning your keys are never left under the mat. Hack prevention is one of our unique strengths because help you ensure your Popular CPanel hosting account and email login access is locked down.
.ca domain Privacy is per account at CIRA, the Canadian Domain Registration authority. If you have 5 domains, all 5 should have privacy for the one rate. If you're paying Per Domain then your registry is taking money out of your wallet. That's just one example of Integrity before Profit.
Looks cheap to register a domain elsewhere? You should see the renewal rates. It's a common trick for popular domain registries to offer up cheap pricing in year one and lock you down to a very high hidden renewal rate in year two. (leaving you scrambling to transfer out or paying the fees)

Locked out of your CPanel, WordPress or eMail?

COOLCOM Premium Web employs protective access standards in order to secure your account.

In short, if you have a computer or device that has attempted to log in using the wrong credentials more than 5 times in a row, the IP address from which you are logging in will be barred from the server for one hour. Your site and email is still online. You can access it from another IP (and the world can see your site and send email to you).

To regain access you can wait the hour or contact the Help Desk and we will assist by unbarring your IP address. Your next step is to find out what device or computer is attempting to log in as it will continue to be an occurence until the device is corrected with accurate information. (More about this in detail)